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Get to Know the Rare Muttles!
This trio has created a huge buzz in the Muttles community raising ears everywhere they go! So charming and loveable you would think they are celebpuppies, even pawparazzis can’t get enough of them! They love having some fun in the sun at LongBark Beach but you can usually catch them in Hollywoof sniffing for the latest trends and dog accessories. Next time you run into one make sure you get a picture and a pawtograph, their sure to be worth something later on down the road!

These three special and rare Muttles appear 1 per box of 24, so you are lucky if you find one! What makes them so rare is their unique furry coats. There are only a small selection of brown Labradoodles, dark brown with tan Puggles, and two-black-eared Germanations. You better act quickly to get your paws on these pups, so check out the store nearest you! For information on where you can buy, Click here