Inspired by creative combination dog breed names like Labradoodle , and the fun of trying to figure out what two original breeds brought them about, resulted in a Whole New Hybreed of Fun – Muttles! Cute collectibles combined with a family friendly website that lets fans do a little “Social Petworking.” The site aims to offer plenty of customization and sharing for Muttles owners without collecting any personal information that might raise concerns about privacy. In fact, there isn’t even an opportunity to type your real name!

Oliver Ruffles Tilden, an Australian Labradoodle is the Chief Executive Muttle in residence at Muttles HQ in Woodinville, Washington. He keeps the staff and the UPS man on their toes. His person, Gail Tilden, founder of Muttles, LLC has worked with many youth brands in her four dog-year career (that’s over 25 people years), including positions at Nintendo of America and Enterplay, LLC.